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This Wig’s for You!

So you’ve finally decided that you want to try a wig, but with a vast array of options, where do you start?  You’re walking down the street and see a great hairstyle on another woman and wonder how it would look on you.  The most important tip is to pick a wig that works with the shape of your face and here’s a primer to help you:

Shape: Oval

imageThe most common face shape.  The length of  your face is about 1.5x the width.  Your forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin are proportionately balanced - slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples, gently rounded hairline. 

Inspiration: Beyonce, Megan Fox, Eva Mendes

Best Choice: You can wear almost any wig, but try styles that are off your face to accentuate your face’s shape.

Avoid: Styles with heavy bangs or too much forward direction as this adds weight to your face.

Shape: Round

imageYour face is twice as wide as it is long with the widest point at the cheeks and ears, also with a round chin and round hairline.  

Inspiration: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Hudson

Choose: Styles that add fullness and height at the crown; off center parts; styles with layers at the top for fullness; try short, layered wigs or ones with wispy diagonal bangs

Avoid: width and volume at the sides; heavy bangs; chin length hair with a rounded line that makes your face look too round. 

Shape: Square

imageYour face is about as wide as it is long, with a strong, square jaw line and hair line.

Inspiration: Taraji P. Henson, Sandra Bullock

Choose: Short to medium length styles, especially with wave or roundness around the face; try wispy bangs, off-center parts, styles with layers and wispy looks to soften the jaw; styles with curl or wave to balance your straight, symmetrical features

Avoid: Center parts, straight bangs with linear lines; straight bobs that end at the jaw line.

Shape: Heart

imageYou have a wide forehead, eye and cheekbone area with a pointed chin.

Inspiration: Rihanna, Ciara, Madonna

Choose: Chin length or longer styles, side parted sytles, swept forward around the upper face, gently wispy bangs; styles that keeps hair close to the head at the eyes and slightly full around the jaw; most flattering hairstyle is a pageboy type as well as subtle layers.

Avoid: Short hair and choppy layers

Shape: Diamond

imageA cross between an oval and a heart, you have a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Your forehead and jaw line are about the same width.

Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Pink

Choose: Almost all styles works well with your balanced shape face.  Try a variety of styles! Bob hairstyles; styles with fringe or bangs to cover your narrow forehead are just a few options.

Avoid: Volume at the sides along the cheek line.

Shape: Oblong/Rectangular

imageYour forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line are all narrow, therefore, your face is longer than it is wide, usually with a long, thin neck.

Inspiration: Iman, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker

Choose: Styles that are short or medium length; styles with layers to add softness to the face; side part, wispy bangs and styles with fullness at the sides with soft curls and waves. 

Avoid: Long styles, center parts, one length cuts and styles with short layers that add too much height to crown areas.

Shape: Pear/Triangle

Your face is narrow at the forehead and widest at the jaw with a round chin.

Inspiration: Halle Berry, Kelly Osbourne

Choose: Styles that draw attention to the upper part of your face, creates width at the forehead and temples; hair styled close to the head on the sides and nape of neck.

Avoid: Full long styles that emphasizes the jawline.

Find a world of options and the right wig for you at BlackHairWigs.net and remember, There’s never an excuse for a bad hair day!

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Justice: New Study Shows Weaves & Braids Cause Early Hair Loss In Black Women

Yet another reason to mix it up with a wig!  But don’t forget to be kind to your natural hair underneath!


A recent study of middle aged black women reveals that nearly 30% have sustained permanent scalp and hair damage, possibly due to tight braids and weaves.

Black women often maintain these styles for long periods of time, and the stress they exert on the scalp can lead to the development of…

(Source: the-marvellous-adventures-of)

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Wigs, The New Fashion Accessory

Forget miniature Chihuahuas, there’s a new fashion accessory in town - W.I.G.S. and they’re here to stay.  Wigs, or hairpieces as they’ve been known to be called, have been around for centuries; even Victorian ladies (and men) donned them frequently.  But oh my, wouldn’t they be surprised at the resurgence in popularity wigs have seen within the last decade.  

From Main Street to Rodeo Drive and all points in between, fashionable women are wearing wigs.  You would be surprised to find out that your favorite celebrity has been know to wear a wig or two or three.  So if you too want to catch up to the latest trend, here are a few quick tips to help you pick the right wig for you.

  1. Figure out which type of wig you want to wear: synthetic or human hair.  See our previous post for a detailed comparison.  If you’re just accessorizing, then a synthetic wig might be up your alley.  They’re inexpensive and you can match your hair with your mood.  However, do note that you get what you pay for.  
  2. Know thy face - it may be worth first going to a local shop to try on several options.  What you see is NOT what you get.  Just because the wig looks amazing on the model does it mean it will look just as good on you.  Therefore, most importantly, choose a wig that is complementary to and looks attractive on your face shape.
  3. Consider your skin tone when choosing a wig.  Blonde’s may have more fun and Redhead’s may be fiery sirens, but make sure to choose the appropriate shade to complement your complexion.  There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful, well dressed women with the wrong hairstyle.  Your hair is the icing on the cake so make it sing!
  4. Finally, while you may locate options at a local shop, you can find many more options and bargains online.  So start your search locally, identify a few options you’re interested in, then check out retailers online like BlackHairWigs.net who offer competitive pricing and a wider array of styles and options.

Remember, with all these options available to you, There’s never an excuse for a bad hair day!

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